GSM Power Socket 5G10A V2



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Alimentazione tramite PDU rack 5 prese 220V con controllo IP

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Disponibile dal: 25/09/2018

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Power strip in Rack 19" standard equipped with 5 independently managed 230V sockets and GSM module for sockets remote control. Managing sockets can be performed via SMS messages with authentication password. Power GSM module is supported by the battery, so that the proper programming can be notified of the lack of power and return. Sheets has an input for temperature sensors as standard 1wire (DS18B20). It is possible to support up to 4 sensors (on sale splitter 4 to 1).

Number of sockets:


Supply voltage:

AC 230V

Maximum current


Maximum power:




Type of connection:

cable with plug

Micro USB:

for future use


1 piece


12V 0.8 Ah (back-up GSM)

Buffer power supply

Meanwell SCP-35-12, 13.8V/2.6A

Dimensions (height x length x width):

45 x 425 x 140 mm (without handles)


2.60 kg

Consumo (W)2300W
Tensione in entrataAC 230V
Grado di Protezione IP2x10A

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